Aviv Appliances Parts Shop

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When you know that you need a repair done by a professional technician, Aviv Appliances is here to help! We will provide you with everything you need in order to get your appliances repaired as fast as possible. We do it all from A to Z, offering both convenience and a unique warranty with our repairs.

In some cases, you might feel that you have the technical skill to diagnose and repair the problem yourself. We can help you get the parts, shipped directly to you from our parts supplier, for you to install. Although we cannot measure your technical skills over the phone, and cannot make a full and accurate diagnosis based on your description of the problem, we can try to guide you in your repair. We have been helping many people over the years repair their appliances by themselves.

You can also read the information we have provided on the tips and suggestions pages. Please make sure that you are confident about any repair that you attempt to do and use all safety measures that are needed, as mentioned by your manufacturer literature. Using basic common sense is always good. The supplier's service line can be used to find any part that you need. Remember to provide them with the brand name, model, and serial numbers when calling, and try to give them a good description of what you are looking for. If you are still not getting the parts that you want, then you can call us- We may have more options.

If you made an attempt to fix your appliance, but later decided to call us to do the repair for you, please make sure that we are starting from zero and not picking up from the middle, or where you left it, by putting the appliance back to its original state. Otherwise, this can cost you more time and money and can confuse us in our search for the actual problem. Simply put everything exactly the way it was before you started. In case it is not put together all the way, for whatever the reason may be, just let us know about it in advance.

If you decided not to repair it, but want to buy a new appliance, we will gladly suggest which brands we recommend for you and even where to buy it. It has become a very confusing market for shoppers since companies switch names between the same products- So let us help!

A legal disclaimer: Aviv Appliances is not a parts sales company, and we are not affiliated in any way with the parts company that we recommend. This is simply a link for your convenience to our parts supplier. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible in any way for any parts that are not sold to you by Aviv Appliances.