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Aviv Appliances is primarily a service company rooted in the ideals of fast and effective service to our clients. So why are we recommending this specific brand of detergent? We believe that a good service company should offer as many solutions as possible to the problems that our clients face. We receive a wide number of calls, often with clients facing the same or similar issues. Since this was a new problem, we decided to investigate so that we could give our clients the best and most reliable solution. Let us share our own experience with you.

More than ten years ago, the government decided that for our environmental health, it would be beneficial to reduce water consumption in our home appliances. One change called for a switch to HE, or high efficiency washers. At the time, no one knew that this would also require us to change the type of detergents we were using.

As a result, many people faced expensive and troublesome issues, which included: leaks and an unhealthy build-up of mold and bacteria inside the tub and door seal. These issues also resulted in a bad odor, which lead to an increase in service calls. It took some years after people started experiencing these problems for anyone to figure what caused them, as well as how to fix them. Much to our dismay, many companies today still don't offer great solutions. With less water being used by washing machines, the detergent ingredients cannot properly dissolve, causing leaks and odor which are a result of excessive sudsing and extra build-up of soap in the tub

With so many options out there, how do you really know which detergent will avoid these issues and give you optimal results? A few years back, we were introduced by one of our clients to an exclusive line of home and appliance cleaning products that were not available at our local stores. We kept an open mind about trying a different line of products. After testing this brand, we were very impressed with the results and knew this is might be what we were looking for.

But before we were going to recommend it, we wanted to do a little more research. While visiting Grand Rapid MI, the owner of Aviv appliances actually made a visit to the company were they manufacture the detergent and spoke with the scientists that developed their products. What he learned left no doubt in our mind that we are recommending the best products. One of the many things that impressed us was that the SA8 laundry detergent was awarded the top rating in all the categories that are tested by consumer reports. No other brand has ever achieved that.

What sets this product apart is: it is made with 100% natural ingredients, the container is reusable, and the measuring cup is very small since it is concentrated, which cuts down on unnecessary use of detergent. All the products have a six month unconditional money back guarantee. No other company or brand offer that. Amway, is the world leader in the direct selling industry, privately owned, debt free and been in business for more than 50 years.

The benefits of SA8 are listed below:
  • Designed to dissolve fast and rinse completely away for a cleaner washer
  • Leaves no irritating residue, even in cold water
  • Uses a unique biodegradable formula and biological enzymes to naturally brakes down fat and protein which comes from our skin
  • No phosphates, chlorine, or other unpleasant ingredients, so it is safer for the environment
  • Allergy tested, so it is safe for you and the rest of your family
  • Safe and effective in all washers, even HE (high efficiency)
  • Recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Design for the Environment program (DfE)
  • Kosher certified

Besides detergents and home cleaning products, Amway also provides top quality and exclusive brands for skincare and nutrition, which we also use and enjoy. If you would like to read more or place an order, you can use this link: "Aviv's store for smart shoppers"

They also provide great customer service and you can ask a specialist anything you would like to know about the products. 800-253-6500 Monday–Friday 8:00 a.m.– midnight EST and Saturday: 8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m. EST

A legal disclaimer: Aviv Appliances is not a soap sales company, and we are not affiliated in any way with Amway, the soap company that we recommend. This is simply a link for your convenience to our soap supplier. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible in any way for any soap that is not sold to you directly by Aviv Appliances. For your convenience, If you prefer to get it directly from us you can call our office and we will get you the soap that you need in person.