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We have served 617 clients in Glenside, PA 19038 in the past 5 years. Glenside is 5 miles away from our central office in the Willow Grove area. Read what our clients write about their experience with us:
"After discussing the symptoms over the phone with Aviv Appliances, an estimate was given for a new motor and the service call. We agreed on a date the following week. The technician arrived right on time and installed the new fan in 15 minutes. He then provided advice on purchasing other home appliances. I will definitely use their services again."
Or this satisfied client:
"I had jammed the bottom drawer of the oven and could not open it. I had tried everything, but could not get any result. I was afraid to try to remove the door myself. I called Aviv Appliances, whom I had used before and was very happy. They tried to help me over the phone to save the service call, but to no avail. They sent someone out, who very graciously removed the oven door and managed to un jam to bottom drawer, which is also a warming drawer. And, he did not make me feel stupid for the way I had stuffed things in there. A great guy! I have no reason to call any other appliance repair shop in the future."

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